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The best

I use it since 2012! The best

Very good!

Very good!

Coole Emojis

Immer lustige Sache!





Update lädt nicht

Please update the update



Pretty good. I would like some cat emojis though

It sucks

It sucks its the same if u have a apple dont buy! Thx for spending my money!

Love it

Very fun


Wouldnt use as the developer says he can access anything I type, even past messages and personal credit card info etc. Not appropriate!

Complete and utter rip off!!!

The app charges you $1.39 to down load pro - once attached to you keyboard your asked to give "full access" to use - then your told full access allows the developers to receive all your personal information that youve typed using this key board including sensitive information like credit card numbers, address....you only get told this AFTER you pay!!! What a scam!!!!


These are additions that at a Pzaz to any output. Thank you. AdeSo.

Not at all what I was expecting

First of all this app doesnt allow me to use the stickers in messages. I have given it full access but it just keeps telling me I have to go to settings and allow full access. There isnt anything else I can do to grant full access, bloody frustrating! Most of the "new" emojis arent new at all! I wanted to see naughty emojis to send to my boyfriend but everyone is the same or very slightly different? nothing new! I wish I could get my money back, this was a terrible waste!



Emoji Review

Love the new emojis. We need more variety.

Dont waste your money... Nothing new

Total waste of money! No new emojis

Keyboard doesnt show up

I updated my phone to iOS 10.0.2 and now my keyboard doesnt show up. Please fix

Dont fall for it! Its a scam!

Shame on me for not reading all the other reviews first. Dont make the same mistake I did. The app description leads you to believe youre paying a premium to get a bunch of new emojis, but theyre the EXACT SAME ONES AS THE STOCK IOS EMOJIS! Theres nothing new! They have an "app request" where you can click and request from a huge assortment of emojis.. but you cannot use them! Youre only requesting them. If the app developer ever actually puts new emojis in Ill update my review. Shady!

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